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  Smart Card Splitter-SmartExtend  
  The SmartExtend™ is the electronic device for make your subscription card working with multi satellite receiver in one time (Up to 14 receiver per one smartcard)



1 smart card = 14 smart card with SmartExtend™ Cardsplitter

SmartExtend is contain of  2 main unit

  • Master Unit is the device for communication with Original Smart Card and Slave Unit
  • Slave Unit is the deveice for insert in Receiver (IRD) instead of Original smartcard

The Smart Card Splitter SmartExtend™ is has been design for using in Digital Satellite Services, it work with Foxt*l, Mu*tich*ice, nov*, ub*, telkomvisi*n, bluekis* and more

Now the SmartExtend™ is available for IR2 and IR4 and SE2 System from 2 Way to 14 Way in 3 main model following

  1. Economy Model (SmartExtend light Series) : deliver the best money to value 

     Unique feature

    • Available in 2 way to 4 way
    • Support Smartcard version 2.1, 2.2, 4.1 and Newest 5.0
    • every port (receiver) can be turn on and off without affect the operation of other port (receiver)   (Except port1 must always turn on for smartcard update
    • Firmware Upgradeable both Master and Slave Unit
    • Low power consumption
    • Easy to install and Use
    • Totally Digital operation
    • Using High Speed RISC CPU for both Master and Slave unit
    • using only 3 wire telephone cable for connect between Master and Slave unit


  2. Original (SmartExtend Series): The Best seller model

    Contain all feature in economy model plus following unique feature

    • Available in 2 way to 7 way
    • Automatic detection Data corrupt or Data Lost 
    • Built in Data Checksum Checker Both Master and Slave Unit
    • MasterSync2™ Algorithm (Increase reliability in data communication between Master and Slave Unit)
    • Cascading support


  3. Original Plus (Microlink Series):  The best model and contain all feature from Economy and Original model plus following unique feature
    • Available in 2 way to 14 way
    • Fully automatic receiver data speed and clock frequency detection from 3 MHz to 12 MHz
    • Bulit-in internal SRAM and EEPROM for store the instruction data for fast reply
    • Self-instruction learning for store most use of instruction data into Internal SRAM
    • Work with most receiver in market eg. Nokia, Humax, ADB, Pace, NEOTIONbox, Atom, Dynasat, Metabox, Koscom, SMS, Technosat, Coship, samsung, hyundai, atlanta, dreambox and CI Module eg. irdeto cam, irdeto all cam, zetacam, magic cam, matrix cam, ice cam, dragon cam, neotion cam, joker cam, x cam
    • automatic duo power supply technology  : the user can be select for using the power supply between from first receiver or external power supply or both
    • Built-in Data compression technology for faster data transfer and faster channel switch 
    • Have LED for Display Processing Status both in Master and Slave Unit (7 way model)
    • Use Water Clear Len LED
    • High Quality Smartcard Connector
    • Highest sink/source current up to 25mA per port
    • Cable length between master and slave unit up to 1010 Meter by using DST Gold Shield Cable

Option accessory :

  1. 2.4 GHz Wireless module (Operation range 50 Meter in building and 200 Meter in clear area) : for replace of 3 wire telephone cable between master and slave unit
  2. The Signal repeater : for extend the cable length
  3. The cable controller+convertor : for convert the cable that connect between from Master and Slave unit from 3 wire to 2 Wire

Economy model


Original model


 Original Plus model 7 Way


Original Plus model 14 Way


The Super bright

Water Clear Len LED


2.4 GHz Wireless Module

OEM and ODM are welcome

Wholesale Price are avaliable

Dealer/Distributor are welcome

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